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August 28, 2009

End of Summer Already?

We say it each year as Labor Day closes in on us, but how in the world is it August 28 already? Where did the summer go and how did I miss it? For some, the end of summer is a very sad time. No more vacations for foreseeable future, our winter clothes are peeking out of the top shelves of closets and generally we all just get busier. For others, it is a time to rejoice. Kids back to school, the weather may finally cool off and our routines return to normal.

I’m not sure which I feel. I miss the routine that school brings and I sure am looking to cool evenings of autumn in New York (arguably our best season). That being said, enjoying the freedom of summer with my son is amazing – especially for the fleeting time he still is young enough to think it’s cool to hang out with Dad. In a few years it will all be homework, friends and sports and hanging with parents will be a fate worse than teenage acne.

I guess that leaves me with the reminder that I’ve learned over the first six years of his life and that is that as soon as you get used to one stage of your kids’ development – it changes. Don’t look too far forward and certainly don’t check the rear view mirror. I, of course, am terrible at this and need to take my own advice. So for now, I’m going to enjoy the waning days of summer with the little man and then be just as excited for the first day of school.

August 12, 2009

Daddy’s Weekend Away

The much anticipated “Boy’s Weekend” is finally here and Dad is headed out to San Diego for a weekend of golf and revelry with my best three college buddies. As a stay at home parent, the weekend is filled with interesting and unanticipated subplots.

This weekend with the boys has been going on for some fifteen years now and so this yearly ritual is nothing new to my wife and now my son. But that wasn’t always the case. When our son was three and old enough to know that Daddy, his primary caretaker and the parent in charge of meals, laundry, groceries and other household duties, was leaving for a few days, my wife and I noticed a panic creeping in as the weekend drew near. In speaking to him about it one night, my wife was lucky enough to have an exchange with him that went something like:

“Honey, are you nervous that Daddy is going away for a few days? We’ll have fun just the two of us!” she said.

“Yes, Mommy, we’ll have fun” he answered.

“So what are you nervous about then Sweetie?” she asked.

“Mommy, when Daddy is gone, how will we eat?” he inquired.

“What do you mean?” she asked puzzled by the question.

“Well, Daddy cooks all our food and has the wallet!” he exclaimed.

Our son didn’t care who stayed home and who worked. He didn’t care about traditional roles or that his parents did it the “opposite” of traditional. Truth be told, I always worry when I’m away. I know my wife can cook and can obviously order take out or pay at a restaurant, do laundry and all the rest. She’s exactly as able as me to take care of our son. It’s just that we’ve allocated the roles so that it’s my job. I’m sure there are many moms and dads out there who’ve felt exactly the same on the eve of a trip leaving kids with their working spouse.

The point is, that it is good for us all to have balance – shake it up a bit. As we say in our house to keep it “spicy.” Daddy needs some Daddy time and Mommy needs some concentrated Mommy time. When things get back to normal, we’re all better for it and appreciate what we’ve got, just that much more. Don’t worry Sweetie, Mommy has a wallet too.