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September 29, 2009


After a week traveling in Europe, I am once again humbled by the linguistic abilities of the rest of the world. As Americans, we are spoiled that the global community has adopted English as its second language of choice. My wife and I have long wished our son would learn a second language while he still has the gift of a young and sponge-like mind.

 We came out of the gates strong. After a few months at home with our newborn son we both had to return to work and thus needed some help. We were lucky that we were close enough that my mom could take him two days a week but a nanny was still needed for the other three days. We found a wonderful Nicaraguan nanny that we insisted speak only Spanish to him.  He (and we) enjoyed this three day a week immersion for over a year. We added to this reading at least half his books to him in Spanish and we were well on our way to bilingual bliss.

 As they always do, circumstances changed upsetting the apple cart in a big way. Fast forward to years later with us in New York and a trip to Chevy’s being the closest we get to Spanish in our house. To be fair, my wife has high school Spanish in her back pocket and can speak the language better than she gives herself credit for. I have what remains of my Spanish learned from children’s books including foods, farm animals and clothes. Not super helpful.

 As we reveled in our return from Europe and the inevitable silliness with our little man, we came across a new version of an old game, the tickle game.  Everyone knows this game where we tickle our little one until they are hysterically gasping for mercy after which they want it to immediately restart.  As a newly traveled man of the world, this time I insisted that all begging for mercy or any other form of communication be done in Spanish. Amazing how fast your six year old (or probably anyone being tickle-tortured) can learn words while laughing like a hyena who can’t breathe and trying to remember to say “tio” (uncle) or “no mas” (no more). So while my wife and I dream of our house sounding like a United Nations General Meeting, maybe we can just laugh ourselves a few steps closer to a bilingual household.

September 15, 2009

Hopped Up On Grandma

September is a crazy month in our house.  People seem to be traveling every which way and this year is no exception.  Fortunately we are blessed with a Grandma that jumps on a plane from California at the drop of a hat and cherishes each moment she gets to spend with our son, aka The Golden Child.  As the only grandchild on my side of the family, The Golden Child is not only “the only child” in our household, but the only child (not counting me) in the Holmes Family. 

 My wife and I have come to realize that grandparents do, what grandparents do; there isn’t any point in fighting it.  When Grandma is running the show, the house rules tend to be more liberally interpreted.  For example, TV is not normally permitted on school nights, but inevitably a loophole will be found.  It was Discovery Channel and I was learning about animals, the US Open was on and Grandma had to watch it, all my homework as done and we were just watching a few minutes are all possibilities upon our return.  Little treats seem to find there way into snack time or desserts seem to take on a new prominence in our absence.  Spoiling is the order of the day.

 In the big picture though, these are minor concerns.  We have learned that we are lucky parents who have a ready, willing and able caretaker for just about anytime we are both away.  We travel missing our little man immensely, but knowing he is in good hands.  So if we come back to a six year old child hopped up on Grandma, we’ll take it.  We’re pretty good at detox from that condition.

September 9, 2009

Get That Pig Some Pants!

Poppleton the Pig is a beloved character in our house.  If you aren’t familiar with the books by Cynthia Rylant, they are about the adventures of Poppleton, a good natured pig, and his friends.  The stories are great to read to little ones and include great illustrations by Mark Teague and now that our house has a burgeoning reader, they are just right for early readers. 

 The things that kids notice is always interesting to observe.  Recently, it was noticed by Detective Little Man and Inspector Mommy, that Poppleton appears, in most cases, to be missing pants.  Now, this isn’t cause for great concern and in no way should deter you from these great books.  It’s just a bit curious is all.  Cherry Sue the Llama gets full outfits, as does Fillmore the Goat.  Hudson the Mouse, he’s a well dressed chap.  Why not Poppleton?  He is the star of the show after all and he’s running around half dressed!

 We have found one instance of Poppleton with some pants, but we’ll leave that for you and your detective squad to figure out.  In almost all cases, Poppleton is pantless.  Turns out it is a fun game with a great series of books.  Kind of like finding the mouse in Goodnight Moon (one of my all-time favorite books and one of my most memorable reading games trying to find that mouse on each page).