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February 24, 2010

Explore Your World

In a moment inspired by reliving aspects of my childhood exploring nooks and crannies of San Francisco with my parents, the Little Man and I set out this past Sunday to explore New York’s Chinatown. I have great memories of the amazing sights and sounds of San Francisco neighborhoods and the Little Man is a huge fan of the books by Miroslav Sasek, including both “This Is San Francisco” and “This Is New York” given he has been lucky enough to have lived in both cities. He wasn’t quite as sure as I was about this adventure, but a hot chocolate and ice skating at the end of the rainbow inspired him right out the door.

As we approached Chinatown, we started to realize that without knowing, we happened to pick the day of the Chinese New Year Parade and the streets were packed. We literally walked up to the parade route five minutes before the parade came down the street. Incredible.

CNY (3)

While the Little Man was a bit overwhelmed, we enjoyed the parade and then headed off so I could repay his indulgence with that hot chocolate and ice skating. We had a great day that started out with no plans.

The whole point is this – explore your world, be it your neighborhood, borough or city. Don’t just keep walking by that store or restaurant you’ve always wondered about – go in and check it out. Go to a neighborhood that isn’t your own. We’re lucky to live in a city like New York where every block is a new adventure but every city has someplace to explore. My advice is to let the age of your little one dictate the distance and duration of your trip – but get out there and you never know what you might stumble across!

February 19, 2010

They’ll Always Be Kids

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Winter Olympics are going on in Vancouver right now. We’ve been regular watchers and therefore have become pretty familiar with the advertisements running. Here is one in particular is popular in our house that we think is just a great ad.

I take a bit of issue with the fact P&G claims it is only “To Their Moms” – hey, how about a little love for the dads? – I still love the ad. I would have never got that until I became a parent and even more so now that my Little Man isn’t quite so little.

Even now that he tromps around like a lab puppy with oversized feet nearly as big as his mom’s, I remember looking down at the changing table and wrestling with those little curled up feet trying to get a diaper on somehow. I’m sure that someday, he’ll be out on some golf course competing or in a suit getting ready for some big meeting, and all that I’ll see, is my Little Man.

February 12, 2010

The Godfather

I’m a dad. After seven years of practice, I’m starting to get the hang of it, although I’m far from the ranks of a seasoned pro. I look to my friends and family with three, four or even five kids as the big leagues. Once the parents shift to a zone defense, then it’s really on.


I have the privilege and responsibility of being godfather to my two year old nephew, Oliver. Since he was born, it’s been mostly making sure extra cool gifts find their way into his Cheerio covered hands. As he gets a bit older, I think the responsibility as well as the fun should increase exponentially. It’s a bit hard being on the opposite side of the country as he is, but I still plan to find a way to not only be in his life, but be an important part. The real question is where do I find the full job description for a godfather? I’m not sure if I take the fun-lovin’ buddy route or the serious semi-parent route. Certainly if he pulls a Johnny Fontane and starts acting like a Hollywood finocchio, he’ll hear it from me. Otherwise, we’ll just be playing it by ear.

I’m looking forward to all kinds of mentoring and good times; and that if he ever wants to star in a Hollywood picture, he can rest assured I’ll make a few calls and send Tom out if necessary…

February 10, 2010

World’s Greatest Dad

Today is my birthday.  I don’t announce this to garner birthday wishes or gifts.  I share this information as it is a BIG birthday, as in the big 4…0.  End of an era, mid-life crisis, it’s all downhill from here and such.

Some manly cupcakes for a manly 40th birthday celebration.

Manly flower cupcakes for my 40th birthday!

I’ll admit, I’ve had some passing thoughts of mourning my thirties slipping away.  But I woke up this morning, to happy birthday wishes of an energetic seven year old who was just excited it was somebody’s birthday – meaning a day of celebration.  In his mind, any excuse for a party.  Opening the Little Man’s card, I was thrilled to find not only a great card (thanks to his mom), but a button that was to be worn proudly today – World’s Greatest Dad. 

Now I realized there are a bunch of World’s Greatest Dads running around out there, but knowing I’ve been bestowed that title by the one person with the authority to do so makes today a day of celebration.  Not only that, we can all learn a lesson from the Little Man.  No matter what’s going on, what your day, week or year is handing you – celebrate. 

 Any excuse for a party sounds like a good plan to me.

February 2, 2010

Dads In The Night

While the Little Man may be well out of diapers, he still is a child of the night.  Lately, we’ve had many nights requiring bathroom breaks, glasses of water and dreams requiring extra tuck-ins.  As every parent knows kids move through phases as often as shoe sizes, so as soon as you think you’ve got one covered, it changes.  So with each wake up, wanting nothing more than our restful night sleep, we help the Little Man back to bed with reassurances of good dreams and the fact we’re right down the hall.  I’ve been told I’m not the most patient when it comes to multiple middle of the night wanderings of a seven year old as evidenced by the stealthy tip toe to mom’s side of the bed.  Too bad for the Little Man, I’m generally a light sleeper, so despite his best efforts, more often than not he is stuck with a return trip to bed with dad.  So, as we shuffle back to another bleary-eyed tuck in, I try to recall my own younger years requiring hall lights on all night and think, this too shall pass.  Right?