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July 7, 2010

Nursery Design By You!

While the title of this blog post may lead you to think it should more appropriately be coming from our design Guru, David Netto over at his blog smartly titled Nursery Design, rest assured I’m not tackling any actual design topic.  This post is one for all you moms and dads that might like to see how different designs might look in your dream nursery or just play with cool online tools.  Our favorite prenatal and pregnancy site, The Cradle has partnered with Rooms By You to bring you the latest and greatest nursery design tool:

With the Design Your Nursery tool, you can customize home decor and bedding one product at a time or decorate your entire nursery with a simple drag & drop tool that anyone can use. You upload your own designs or choose from a huge number of big time designers latest creations.  You can also choose to start with one of hundreds of pre-designed rooms to give you some inspiration. 

If you love what you create, you can then order some or all of whatever fantastic designs you’ve created!  You can also share your designs with friends to see if they love your nursery as much as you or if you need a bit of a sanity check from the pink plaid nursery you’ve envisioned.