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September 26, 2010

Barcodes for Kids?

Everybody knows technology changes fast.  I feel like I’m somebody who generally keeps a pretty good handle on it, but sometimes you just can’t see it all coming.  The last five or ten years, we’ve seen things like RFID  become hip as chips have become smaller and cheaper.  So much so that you can implant one in your pet in case they get lost.  Great technology for pets, but not some much for kids. 

With the explosive growth of iPhones (and other smartphones with cameras), add “an app for that” and you’ve got millions of mobile scanners running around.  So that is why you might or might not have recently noticed strange looking square barcodes on various advertisements among other places.  Take that one step further and AT&T Wireless has given you the chance to create your own barcode with Create-a-Code , as I have done:

Scan this barcode.

You’ll have the get the AT&T Code Scanner App if you want to see where this one goes, but you can create a barcode that links to a website or that contains contact information.  Take that the next step and you’ve got kids running around with tattoos (or for the squeamish perhaps ID cards) that link to parent’s contact information.  Hey, I guess it’s better than implanting a chip in their leg, right?

September 24, 2010

Easy On The SweetFarts

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a great opinion piece by Thomas Spence titled “How to Raise Boys Who Read.”  I encourage anyone who reads this blog to click on over (after finishing reading this of course).  I won’t steal Mr. Spence’s thunder, but I have noticed the disturbing trend he speaks of in his piece.  As I kid (and I may be dating myself here) reading The Hardy Boys and being caught up by the books of Jack London, John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway (Old Man and The Sea in particular).  Now, when shopping for books for the Little Man we’re faced with choices like SweetFarts, Captain Underpants and SpongeBob Squarepants.  It is easier to find a cab in Manhattan on a rainy Friday night at 5 then it is to find any decent books for boys these days.  The article was like the alarm going off after hitting the snooze a few times and it is time to wake up.  The best intentions pave the roadstraight to SweetFarts.

September 15, 2010

Coffee With That?

The Little Man returned to school this week (technically last week, but in my book, school starting on a Wednesday and then a two day holiday doesn’t count) and that comes with all the usual back to school requirements.

• Emergency Contacts? Check.
• Afterschool Programs? Check.
• Back to School Night? Check.
• School Supplies List? Check-a-licious with a capital “F” footnote.

I share the same surprise as some of the parents in the New York Times article “Scissors, Glue, Pencils? Check. Cleaning Spray?” that our classroom supplies list felt a bit more like a school administrator shopping list.

All the list was missing was a corporate endorsement from Staples or Office Depot. “This years school supplies list brought to you by Staples, your number one source for buying all the stuff the school administrators need for their office that your kids will never use in their classroom.”

Now that the shock of this year has worn off, I’ll be ready for next year when the list includes coffee, a new scanner and a new basketball hoop for the yard.