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January 5, 2010

Old Bones

After now having coached the Little Man for two full seasons of outdoor soccer and well into a season of indoor soccer, I’ve been itching to get out and play myself.  I shudder to think that it has been close to two decades since I’ve played in a regular organized soccer league. 

So, with a bit of trepidation I went ahead and signed up for an adult indoor soccer league (at Chelsea Piers for any of you New Yorkers).  Now I should note that I use the term “adult” a bit loosely because at our first game last night, as I was signing the roster for my newly assigned team, I came across the dreaded “age” column.  As I scanned down my team seeing nothing but ages in the early 20s a bit of a shiver (or could that have been the arthritis) went down my spine.  Now I was wondering if my decision to bring the Little Man along to witness his dad’s soccer prowess was such a good decision. 

As the game got going and I began running (or something like it) around the field, I realized that it might be time for some regular exercise beyond walking to the subway and chasing the Little Man around the playground.  For the first time I can remember, I experienced the sensation of knowing what I wanted my body to do, but not having it happen, a few times tripping over my own feet.

After getting the old bones warmed up, I managed to avoid any major embarrassment and actually score two of my team’s three goals.  The highlight was a midgame pep talk from the Little Man that consisted of him telling me to “run faster, fall less and score more.” 

Moral of the story is to get your old bones out there.  Despite a few falls, it was great to be off the bench and actually playing.  Maybe I’ll even get in good enough shape that I don’t trip over my own feet.  We all need dreams.

Update: So we just found out the schedule for next week’s game and it is at 11:00 p.m.  At first I thought it was a typo, but then I realized I’ll need a cappuccino at 9:00 p.m to stay up for that one.  Now I really feel old.

October 29, 2009

Old School Halloween

Be warned – here it comes, the “old guy” bit about how it was so different when we were kids, blah, blah, blah.  Walking to school uphill in the snow (both ways) and all that.  But it was different back then, right? 

My nostalgic memory of Halloween is combing the local (and not so local) neighborhoods in a very methodical manner (mixed in with some minor mischief) to secure as much candy until we had to get home, otherwise known as curfew (do kids still have those?).  We carried pillow cases because any other bags were just too small and flimsy to carry the immense load of candy we intended on hauling back home.  We walked miles and miles so you’d better figure out how to have sneakers as part of your costume.  Kids dressed as ghosts, Dracula, generic sports stars and other homemade heroes.  Lots of fake blood and almost no store bought costumes.  Perhaps even a roll of Charmin or two stuffed into that pillowcase.  Am I remembering that correctly?

Now admittedly, when I was younger we were in a bit of the suburbs (the Oakland Hills to be exact) and so it was probably different even then for “city kids” as my son now is living in the concrete jungle of Manhattan.  But still, I feel a bit old as I read the swine flu fears of parents surrounding Halloween on Twitter and Facebook.  You can’t exactly TP a high-rise (or can you?) but maybe my old bones are just longing for some old suburban Halloween-ism.  Maybe some faithful readers will post some photos of some good old fashioned Halloween fun in 2009.

How will your kids carry their Halloween loot?  Got to be the pillowcase, right?

July 29, 2009

Free Books You Say?

Even though I’m quickly approaching the age of which we dare not speak, I’ve embraced the digital world completely with open arms. Capital of Bulgaria? Google it. Need a doohickey for that whatchamacallit on your desk? Amazon to the rescue. Heard a great song on the radio? Download it from iTunes. Out with the old and in with the new.

So on this rainy summer Wednesday with a six year old quickly edging towards the precipice of “spoiledville” with an accelerating onslaught of “I’m bored,” what’s a parent to do? Panic? Good start, but ultimately not helpful. Punish? Short term relief spoiled by years of therapy bills. Any more TV or computer time and his brain could turn to mush (according to Hulu). There’s no delivery service for rainy day entertainment (in my budget at least) so we need an outing!

Trying to be good parents and encourage some modicum of learning over the summer, we’ve done bits of math and reading here and there. My ever present guilty conscience tells me not enough though, so what to do? Being out in the country, our options are limited. Playdates don’t run a plenty out here and more TV is off the table. What about that place where they have books, magazines, movies and even computers to use? What’s it called again? Oh, that’s right. The Public Library!

Load up the car and five minutes later we’re browsing kids books, animal books, and even a movie or two. Plus the added bonus of a gold star for an educational outing. I have to admit that’s it’s been a while since I’d been to the library and I’m sure there are parents out there screaming at me through cyberspace saying “Duuuhhhhh – everybody goes to the library!” Well, why didn’t you guys tell me, then?

In a digital world of instant gratification via TVs, DVDs, iPhones, downloaded movies, Xboxes, Playstations, Wiis and the like, the public library is one to remember. An outing with a payoff in all respects! Heading out the door with books for reading (one for me too!) and even a movie for later, smiles lit up the cloud covered sky and disaster was averted, if for one more day.

For you New Yorkers, check out all the good stuff at the New York Public Library at http://www.nypl.org/. Everyone else – Google (or even Bing) it of course!

July 28, 2009

Who’s That Man?

Sitting at the playground on a Tuesday morning watching my two year old playing in the sand. He’s old enough now so I’m not hovering but still close enough to quickly jump in to prevent sand eating or some other interesting maneuver in his bag of tricks. My parental spidey sense on high, I’ve got the weird feeling that someone is watching. I scan the playground and notice that a group of nannies seems to be keeping an eye on me. Hmmm? I’m here with my kid, isn’t it obvious? I guess not.

That was about five years ago in San Francisco, but I’ll bet the same scene plays out in any playground. A man on a weekday without a female chaperone was enough to set off the silent alarms for the “regulars.” I’m no trailblazer and have met several stay at home dads who did it long before me.

Five years ago, though, a stay at home dad? Come on, just taking the day off, right? Wife sick today? Out of town, maybe? Nope, I stay at home with our son and my wife works.

My friends thought I was the luckiest man in the world. Wives at the playground thought my wife was the luckiest woman in the world. Good news is that they were both right. Bad news is that they were both wrong.

Watch the kid, do the grocery shopping, cook the meals, clean the house, wait a second – this is hard work. Hey mom! How the heck did you handle all those jobs with two kids? How the heck did grandma do this with four kids?

And my wife…a full time working woman who is the CEO of her own company with a small child a home? That will be one full serving of guilt with a side of male bias and throw in a dash of that female disapproval over here please. Perfect.

There’s no magic formula, no secret sauce. What’s best? Who knows? So when you ask, “Who’s that man?” Probably same as that woman there, or that couple over there. Parents who are juggling like clowns on roller skates who are just trying to make it work.