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January 13, 2011

Who’s That Man, Still?

In my very first Who’s Your Daddy blog post, Who’s That Man?, I discussed how several years ago I sometimes felt like a suspect being watched by all the moms and nannies at the playground.  A man at a playground on a weekday morning must be up to no good, right?  Yesterday, Lenore Skenazy wrote in the Wall Street Journal, Eek! A Male!, about how our society may have gone off the deep end about “suspicious men” lurking behind every corner.  I think every dad, uncle or grandpa has thought or worried about the issue while at the park with their loved ones.  I am all for protecting our kids from predators but also hope we can keep perspective so we don’t keep them from good experiences (like a pickup football game in the park), or worse yet, put them in more danger (not helping a child in need for fear of misunderstood intentions).

June 24, 2010

Private Video Sharing With Vidme

A smart kid (the Little Man) once told me that if you put it on the internet, it’s there forever and you can’t get it back.  So maybe you’re a bit hesitant to post photos or videos of your kids or with open access for the world to see.

If you do share some awesome moments, maybe you take steps to keep it a bit non-descript like posting only videos away from home without names like my semi-famous in my own mind “Over The Lake Man!” video of the Little Man.  Maybe you’re not worried at all and you’re like the iGeneration who wants to broadcast every photo, video and other detail of their lives.  If so, you can stop reading (but don’t).

Sites like YouTube or Vimeo have always been so “everyone” focused with people trying to gain fame and fortune.  Many of us would rather just share some of those classic kid moments with friends and family.  A new company wants to help.

Vidme a new site that instead focuses on private sharing with lots of easy controls to limit access so you might feel a little more comfortable uploading some classic moments and sharing with your preselected group (with no 25 person limit like YouTube).  So if you’d like to share some videos of the kids with friends and family, but not the world, you might check out Vidme, that for now is free.

Full Disclosure:  I have no relationship with Vidme and have received no compensation for this blog post.  Vidme doesn’t even know I exist.

April 22, 2010

Common Sense (From Phineas & Ferb via My Seven Year Old)

So Who’s Your Daddy had big plans for you in this next post.  I had visions of a hilarious viral internet video speeding around the globe.  I’ll spare you the dirty details but the high level was that I planned to make a parody video of “Pants On The Ground” from American Idol fame.  I enlisted the Little Man to help me film my masterpiece and once he understood what I was planning, this conversation ensued:

 “Dad, are you sure want to do this?” he says.

 “What do you mean?  This is going to be hilarious!” I answered.

 “Ok, but remember, once you put it on the internet, it stays there forever.”

 [Dramatic Pause]

 “Where did you learn that?” I curiously asked hoping he would reply that it was my sage advice coming back to me in some cosmic boomerang.

 “Phineas and Ferb taught me that” came the deadpan reply.

 And there it was.  Irrefutable evidence that cartoons may have occasionally redeeming value beyond mom and dad getting a few precious minutes of extra sleep.  Consider my world rocked.  See the PSA here to find out about Internet Safety for kids from Phineas and Ferb.  And this is what it has come to, getting common sense reality checks from my seven year old.

 The video project remains on hold…

January 20, 2010

YouTube and Facebook and Twitter, Oh My!

I must be approaching middle age.  It now is a daily occurrence where I think to myself, “he can’t be old enough for that, can he?”  The latest installment of “Dad is getting old” came during the morning scramble to get ready for school and out the door. 

The Little Man stopped cold as if a thought had switched some hidden button I still haven’t found and announced that his best friend had received a computer for Christmas and was getting “computer lessons” after school.  Further digging revealed that the child’s parents (not Bill Gates) were teaching him how to use his new computer, but still.  The Little Man was clearly angling for something along the same lines.  Can they be old enough for that?

As countless parents have thought to themselves in one version or another, “I remember when I was just reading him stories about lions and tiger and bears and now he wants me to teach him about web, internet and email!”  While I can’t be sure if he’s ready for the digital world, I am quite sure that I’m not ready for him to be in the digital world.  That same day, I just happened to run across a Dad-o-matic blog written by Jeff Sass on “Having ‘That’ Conversation With Your Kids…” so it must be destiny.  Just like everything else, I guess it’s never too early. 

Our iPhones have apps for toddlers, so why wouldn’t a seven year old want to jump into the digital sea and take a swim?  So I guess I better figure out how to work those parental control setting on the computer and think about my approach for “that” conversation and how to tell a story of YouTube and Facebook and Twitter, oh my!