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February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

This is not the self-serving post it first appears to be (maybe just a little). Anyone who is past the age of which we dare not speak (at least most of us), understands that old age is accelerating faster than the number of pages in our medical files. I’ve learned that the thing that makes a birthday tolerable, especially now that the day is a 24 hour reminder that you’re old, is the family celebration.


My day started with the fabulous gift of a mixed set of giggle IOUs from the Little Man and mommy (I think the Little Man may have cherry picked a few of the “easier” ones to deliver on, but great nonetheless).

My second surprise was a hand made, custom Lego figure made in my image. It was pointed out to me by the creator that it was very accurate, right down to the gray hair. Apparently Count Dooku had to get scalped in the process – my gain, his loss.

With a start to my day like that, I’m already way ahead of the game.  It’s all gravy from here…

February 10, 2010

World’s Greatest Dad

Today is my birthday.  I don’t announce this to garner birthday wishes or gifts.  I share this information as it is a BIG birthday, as in the big 4…0.  End of an era, mid-life crisis, it’s all downhill from here and such.

Some manly cupcakes for a manly 40th birthday celebration.

Manly flower cupcakes for my 40th birthday!

I’ll admit, I’ve had some passing thoughts of mourning my thirties slipping away.  But I woke up this morning, to happy birthday wishes of an energetic seven year old who was just excited it was somebody’s birthday – meaning a day of celebration.  In his mind, any excuse for a party.  Opening the Little Man’s card, I was thrilled to find not only a great card (thanks to his mom), but a button that was to be worn proudly today – World’s Greatest Dad. 

Now I realized there are a bunch of World’s Greatest Dads running around out there, but knowing I’ve been bestowed that title by the one person with the authority to do so makes today a day of celebration.  Not only that, we can all learn a lesson from the Little Man.  No matter what’s going on, what your day, week or year is handing you – celebrate. 

 Any excuse for a party sounds like a good plan to me.