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December 4, 2009

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

As we enter the month of December, I thought I’d share another book recommendation.  Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree by Robert Barry is a book that is read all year round in our house but gets even better as we roll into the holidays.

  Mr Willowbys Christmas Tree

It is a great story of joy and family around the time of the holidays.  In addition, and just as important, it communicates a great message about sharing, caring and thinking how others may use what we don’t.  The illustrations are beautiful and this is a book I don’t mind reading again and again.  I would encourage you to pick this one up for the holiday season and add it to your keepsake collection for your little ones. 

September 9, 2009

Get That Pig Some Pants!

Poppleton the Pig is a beloved character in our house.  If you aren’t familiar with the books by Cynthia Rylant, they are about the adventures of Poppleton, a good natured pig, and his friends.  The stories are great to read to little ones and include great illustrations by Mark Teague and now that our house has a burgeoning reader, they are just right for early readers. 

 The things that kids notice is always interesting to observe.  Recently, it was noticed by Detective Little Man and Inspector Mommy, that Poppleton appears, in most cases, to be missing pants.  Now, this isn’t cause for great concern and in no way should deter you from these great books.  It’s just a bit curious is all.  Cherry Sue the Llama gets full outfits, as does Fillmore the Goat.  Hudson the Mouse, he’s a well dressed chap.  Why not Poppleton?  He is the star of the show after all and he’s running around half dressed!

 We have found one instance of Poppleton with some pants, but we’ll leave that for you and your detective squad to figure out.  In almost all cases, Poppleton is pantless.  Turns out it is a fun game with a great series of books.  Kind of like finding the mouse in Goodnight Moon (one of my all-time favorite books and one of my most memorable reading games trying to find that mouse on each page).