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November 30, 2009

Leafy Fall Fun

As a kid growing up in California, we didn’t exactly experience the four seasons of the year the way you get them on the East Coast.  Sure, it got cold and rainy in the “winter” but no leaves falling or snow-covered backyards. 


I now get to see the pros and cons of all four seasons.  One of them that checks both boxes is the leaves.  Almost every tree dropping every leaf and trying to get them all clean up?  Craziness.  If you’ve been on leaf cleanup duty, you know it takes hours and hours to pick up all those leaves.  And if it’s windy, forget it.  Go inside, have a hot cocoa and try again tomorrow. 

 But, get those leaves piles up and it is fun time!  Leaf jumping, throwing and general silliness make all the cleanup worth the effort.  Even if it means a little extra cleanup time for dad.  Aren’t kids supposed to do those chores?

November 18, 2009

Couch Pillow Fort Fun

As a kid, I remember building some crazy indoor forts out of couch pillows and blankets.  While they probably drove our parents crazy, there were some good times to be had in those indoor forts.  You’d never have two that were the same and each time seemed to be two great activities built into one (three if you count cleanup!). Couch Fort

One was the great construction project that is required of a truly special couch pillow fort.  You need to make sure all your pillows are balanced to hold a roof.  You need it to be big enough to escape into when the enemy is coming, but not so big and open that you can’t find refuge. 

Second was the great games that are played in and around a couch pillow fort.  Hide and seek, camping, cops and robbers, reading a great book by flashlight and the list goes on.  The fort could be knocked down and rebuilt all as part of the great playtime. 

So, as winter approaches, keep in mind those great couch pillow forts for your kids.  You might even find yourself crawling right in to relive a bit of your youth.