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October 8, 2009

Which Remote Is It Again?

In our house, my role as the more home-bound parent and my Y chromosome make me the de facto “IT Department” for all our home technology.  Cell phone, TV, music, computer, home network or even kitchen appliances all fall under my responsibility and if something goes wrong or needs updating, my wife’s stock answer is “that’s your department.”  Of course, our IT Department must always get budgetary approval for any new expenditure which can sometimes crimp the coolness factor, but generally keeps things from getting too out of control.  My wife always jokes with friends that a benefit (one of many I’m sure) of having a stay at home dad in the house is that she is always on the cutting edge of technology.  Although one of the downsides is that she sometimes can’t turn on the TV if I’m not there.

I’m sure this division happens in many households out there, albeit not always along gender lines.  As with many aspects of day to day family life (finances, food, etc.) it just makes sense to have one person dealing with it.  I admit, I’m a minor technology junkie and keep up with most of the latest gadgets and gizmos.  In the electronics world, there’s always something new around the corner to want or that you really “need.”  I thought I’d take a minute to share a few of my technology “how did I live without” and of course a few of my “really wants.”

How Did I Live Without?

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – In my humble opinion, this is one of man’s great inventions.  The ability to quickly and easily record any show or series and pause live TV have spoiled me to the point where I often find myself standing there with a shocked look on my face when I find someone who doesn’t embrace this technology.  I personally now use Verizon FIOS and love many of the features of this service, including my ability to program my DVR from any internet connected computer.  Brilliant.

Smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone and the rest) – I’ve said before, I spend a lot of time at the playground.  As my son has grown older, our playground and park time is much less focused on how I can entertain him, so that leaves me to entertain myself or even get some work done with all that time.  Enter, my Blackberry.  I am able to answer emails, phone calls, do web searches, research products, play games and the list goes on.  Without my Blackberry, I could conceivably be even crazier than I am now from all the time spent watching toddlers eat sand.

How Can I Get My Hands On That?

Sonos Music System (www.sonos.com) – We have an iPod in our house for all our music.  It is the perfect way for us add new music to our collection in our small NY apartment.  Sometimes, though, we’d like to be able to have some adult music in the living room, while the Superheros theme (or Michael Jackson) that my son wants plays in his room all from our one music collection.  Enter the Sonos Music System that I must figure out how to buy.  It can play different music in any or all rooms all from your one computer or iPod.  The system is expense, but people rave about it and I need to ask Santa for it.

iPod Touch (www.apple.com) – As I mentioned above, I’m a Blackberry man.  I need the physical keyboard for writing emails (and sometimes blog posts) in playgrounds, on planes and subways and even sometimes on the couch.  That doesn’t stop me from craving all the Apple toys out there with the iPod Touch at the top of the list.  The new 32GB iPod Touch can run all the iPhone apps, games and music plus surf the internet with WiFi.  Basically a specialized, very small computer.  It also may save me from having to buy my son a dedicated game machine like the Nintendo DS which would create a daily struggle of “put that thing away.”

That’s my short list of technology for now, but I could go on and on.  Hopefully Santa will see this blog and I’ll try to be good for a few months more.  None of the companies or products mentioned above have paid or given consideration of any kind for inclusion in this blog.  What can’t you live without?