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October 26, 2009

Oh Crap, the Kidcatcher!

We’re always on the lookout for new movies to watch.  The Little Man doesn’t get a lot of leeway in the TV department given the dearth of decent choices out there.  What happened to Looney Tunes, Superfriends and Fraggle Rock?  Plus, TV turns your brain to mush.  Even Alec Baldwin knows that.  Anything beyond Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or sports (if yours truly is deciding) generally gets a swift veto.

 That said, we don’t want to raise a child devoid of all pop culture knowledge.  How would he ever play Trivial Pursuit?  A delicate system of checks and balances to say the least. 

 We discovered a while back that old movies could be a great supplement to the Disney and Pixar offering of the modern era.  Classics such as Mary Poppins, Herbie the Love Bug and even Pippy Longstockings (I never really realized how very strange that movie is until I watched it as an adult). 

 There have been some mistakes to say the least.  One day, when the Little Man was about 5 ¼ (as he likes to say) we popped in another classic, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  We thought we were in for a trip down memory lane with Dick Van Dyke.  Little did we know that it was more a trip down Elm Street and might as well as had Freddy Krueger driving old Mr. Bang Bang. Kidcatcher

 Everyone goes along swimmingly until they land in Vulgaria and the Kidcatcher starts running around scooping up kids and throwing them in a cage.  You know how this story ends.  Movie off, crying child and nightmares for six months that still linger to this day.  Nice work Dad.

 Anyway, we’re still fans of the old movies, we’ve just learned to screen them before the family showing.  Even if you think you remember the movie, you might have repressed your own fearful memories of the Kidcatcher.  Drop a comment with your family movie choice gone wrong.