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July 28, 2009

Who’s That Man?

Sitting at the playground on a Tuesday morning watching my two year old playing in the sand. He’s old enough now so I’m not hovering but still close enough to quickly jump in to prevent sand eating or some other interesting maneuver in his bag of tricks. My parental spidey sense on high, I’ve got the weird feeling that someone is watching. I scan the playground and notice that a group of nannies seems to be keeping an eye on me. Hmmm? I’m here with my kid, isn’t it obvious? I guess not.

That was about five years ago in San Francisco, but I’ll bet the same scene plays out in any playground. A man on a weekday without a female chaperone was enough to set off the silent alarms for the “regulars.” I’m no trailblazer and have met several stay at home dads who did it long before me.

Five years ago, though, a stay at home dad? Come on, just taking the day off, right? Wife sick today? Out of town, maybe? Nope, I stay at home with our son and my wife works.

My friends thought I was the luckiest man in the world. Wives at the playground thought my wife was the luckiest woman in the world. Good news is that they were both right. Bad news is that they were both wrong.

Watch the kid, do the grocery shopping, cook the meals, clean the house, wait a second – this is hard work. Hey mom! How the heck did you handle all those jobs with two kids? How the heck did grandma do this with four kids?

And my wife…a full time working woman who is the CEO of her own company with a small child a home? That will be one full serving of guilt with a side of male bias and throw in a dash of that female disapproval over here please. Perfect.

There’s no magic formula, no secret sauce. What’s best? Who knows? So when you ask, “Who’s that man?” Probably same as that woman there, or that couple over there. Parents who are juggling like clowns on roller skates who are just trying to make it work.