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March 1, 2010

Kicking and Screaming

The Little Man had his last indoor soccer game this past Saturday. The kids have shown real improvement in their first season of indoor soccer, which is very different than outdoor soccer. Fast paced, slamming into the boards and players on the ground – sounds like the USA vs. Canada gold medal hockey game, right? In any case exercise and good sportsmanship are what matters, right? Right.

The Wolves had a great first half and were up 3 to 1 going into halftime. Woo hoo! Our opponents came out strong in the second half and proceeded to tie us and then score the go ahead goal with about three minutes left. The parents of both teams were pretty into the game and the crowd erupted for the go ahead goal. My fellow coach and I were disheartened, but tried to rally the troops for one final push. I have to be honest, I was in true Will Ferrell form – straight out of Kicking & Screaming, only missing the sweatsuit.

In any case, with Olympic form, our kids sucked it up and scored with less than one minute left to tie the game. Fortunately no overtime and the kids really got to enjoy the last game of the season, parents survived without any heart attacks (barely) albeit with a few more gray hair. Soccer is fun!

January 5, 2010

Old Bones

After now having coached the Little Man for two full seasons of outdoor soccer and well into a season of indoor soccer, I’ve been itching to get out and play myself.  I shudder to think that it has been close to two decades since I’ve played in a regular organized soccer league. 

So, with a bit of trepidation I went ahead and signed up for an adult indoor soccer league (at Chelsea Piers for any of you New Yorkers).  Now I should note that I use the term “adult” a bit loosely because at our first game last night, as I was signing the roster for my newly assigned team, I came across the dreaded “age” column.  As I scanned down my team seeing nothing but ages in the early 20s a bit of a shiver (or could that have been the arthritis) went down my spine.  Now I was wondering if my decision to bring the Little Man along to witness his dad’s soccer prowess was such a good decision. 

As the game got going and I began running (or something like it) around the field, I realized that it might be time for some regular exercise beyond walking to the subway and chasing the Little Man around the playground.  For the first time I can remember, I experienced the sensation of knowing what I wanted my body to do, but not having it happen, a few times tripping over my own feet.

After getting the old bones warmed up, I managed to avoid any major embarrassment and actually score two of my team’s three goals.  The highlight was a midgame pep talk from the Little Man that consisted of him telling me to “run faster, fall less and score more.” 

Moral of the story is to get your old bones out there.  Despite a few falls, it was great to be off the bench and actually playing.  Maybe I’ll even get in good enough shape that I don’t trip over my own feet.  We all need dreams.

Update: So we just found out the schedule for next week’s game and it is at 11:00 p.m.  At first I thought it was a typo, but then I realized I’ll need a cappuccino at 9:00 p.m to stay up for that one.  Now I really feel old.